ride my dolphin

i wish i were a dolphin 
and you were lost at sea 
you'd look out toward the horizon 
but all you'd see is me 
you'd think that you were drowning 
'till i came up from below 
and let a mighty dolphin yell 
out of my big blowhole 
i'll let you ride my seahorse 
on a shopping spree 
if you'll let me use my dorsal fin 
to part your red sea 
but you won't let me dive that deep 
'less i come ashore with you 
to cuddle close, eat popcorn 
and watch "beaches" on the tube 
you can ride my dolphin 
but he will want to pry 
your bearded clam wide open 
and shuck out what's inside 
in davy jones' bedroom 
we rock beneath the waves 
i'm gonna drag you under, and 
hide my dolphin in your cave