el camino

the front is like a car, 
the back is like a truck. 
the front is where you kiss, 
and the back is where you fuck. 
rollin' thru the hood 
deep dish all gold daytons 
pumpin' out the bass 
can't keep the girls waitin' 
crusin' wit' my posse 
sheepskin on my throne 
gold rings on my fingaz 
chrome - lots of chrome 
pimpin' out the town 
got pussy on my mind 
and a half a pint o' whiskey 
gonna help me unwind 
my red el camino 
totally appeals 
20 inch kickers 
gold wire wheels 
chain link steering wheel 
with a disco ball nut 
i got the hydraulics  
to lift that ass up 
furry carpet dash 
and a sign of the christ 
all the ladies love me 
'cuz they know i'm real nice 
if you see me coming 
and you're makin' yo' deals 
break it off cause i'm your daddy 
bitch call me will fucking $killz