gay when drunk

fratty, fratty, gay when drunk
long plaid shorts to hide your junk
your hip-hop dance says grateful dead
beer and weed mixed in your head
date rape your girlfriend, butt-rape your bro
wake up and bake up and snort some more blow

fratty, fratty, S-U-V
Robert Marley set you free
elbow dance your way to hell
ruling FaceBook from your Dell
daddy's law firm's got your job
waiting for you back in Cobb
cut class and chase ass and you're good to go

watch out, don't be one of those
caught on bros icing bros
keep a cold one in your pants
whip it out or take the stance

fratty, fratty, it's OK
sucking dick won't make you gay
miss that frisbee on the lawn
never fail to hit that bong
someday you will be the man
grow into your golfing tan
talk about how bitchin' cool
it was when you were back in school

or wrap your car around a tree
in heaven, all the birds are free