the hedgehog

in 1953 a legend was born 
the most unlikely king of porn 
over two decades of gettin' his kix 
gettin' paid for over two thousand flix 
his name is ron, porn star extraordinaire 
his name is ron, i'm better lookin' than him i swear 
his name is ron, hairier than king kong 
his name is ron, want you all sing along 
talin' bout ron jeremy 
who all the guys wanna be 
he's got a 10 inch log 
we love the hedgehog 
my man ron he got a master's from queens 
it's no degree that makes the ladies cream 
and even though that hedgehog is straight 
you ought to that brother auto-fellate 
he hangs with mork, john stewart, matt and trey 
he worked with boogie nights, orgazmo and killing zoe by 
        the way 
actor and director and producer all in one 
next time you hear of his next movie you ought to run (to see)