sausage party

i got my breathmints 
i got my cup 
my 13th level ranger's 
gonna fuck shit up (oldschool) 
they're gonna be girls 
gotta look my best 
high top reeboks and a brand new vest 
call up wendy, christie and clair 
but you know they're washing their hair 
call up steve 
call up marty 
goin' to a sausage party 
why don't girls 
like dungeons & dragons 
i see one now 
let's circle the wagons 
we got chips 
we got beer 
how come no chix are here? 
call some girls  
that won't show up 
finished my beer 
let's fill it up 
tammy's doing her nails and 
jenny's late 
too many cookies on her plate 
we're missing sue and  
where is lori 
now the guys won't 
believe my stories 
oh wait i see one now- 
no wait, it's steve. 
it's just steve. 
he enters a 10x10 room 
an orc guarding the chest 
he seems interested in my magical vest