Dung Shui

Dung Shui is the fourth album by the Dictatortots, and the second shepherded by the far-too-experienced hands of Sgt. Reacharound. At 28 tracks and over an hour of music, it is by far the most ambitious ‘tots recording to date.


The original concept was to take a variety of live recordings and combine them (often with several recordings combined into a single track). Unfortunately the sound quality was not so good (read: drunk and out of tune) so we trooped into the 40 Watt on a couple of Sundays and laid down some serious tracks.

After that it was a matter of getting it mixed and mastered. Working without a studio may be cheap but it is not easy. We finally piled gear around the Sarge and crammed him into our 15’x12’ practice space until he got it all done. The entire process took well over two years.

The end result is polished, but with a very live feel, since most of the recording was done with full band at the Watt. We did do some overdubs - vocals, mostly, but also horns, maracas, cowbell…

The terrible loss of Willie F. $killz in a gang-related crime was definitely felt in the album, but we did add the horn talents of Mattsamillion and Baron Von Bone.

Recording was to a 24-track ADAT hard disk recorder; traditionally mixed then digitally mastered.

The album was pressed with the assistance of Talky Jones in June 2005.